956 lexemes

Lemma Pronunciation English Synonym Preferred Definition
Haim hajm Home Home.
Hal hal Rock rock, stone, etc.
Haltarai hal-taɹ-aj Dwarves Dwarves.
Hamiga ham-ɪga Make the infinitive form of the verb "to cause", "to make". To cause something to happen, to compel, to force, or coerce its occurrence.
Hamlon ham-lown Bard a bard, songmaker, musician. Literally, "Song compeller".
Hampeliga ham-pɛl-ɪga Sleep the infinitive form of the verb "to make sleep". Peliga is used for the "active" role, that is, "I am going to sleep" or "They are going to sleep." Hampeliga is used to indicate that someone else is putting you to sleep.for example: "They are putting me to sleep".
Hav hav Birth birth (the activity).
Haval hav-al Born born, an adjective used in conjuction with first, second, etc.
Haviga hav-ɪga To give birth
Helfinele hɛl-fɪn-ɛl-ɛ Daughter Daughter.
Helfinene hɛl-fɪn-ɛn-ɛ Son Son.
Hens hɛns Writing the activity of writing.
Hensiga hɛns-ɪga Write the infinitive form of the verb "to write".
Herea həɹi Memory a memory, my memory.
Hereaiga həɹi-ɪga Memorize The infinitive form of "to memorize"
Het hɛt No No.
Hilvaith hɪl-vajɵ The base of a tree.
Ho how To equivalent to the english preposition "to".
Hoiiga hɔj-ɪga Eat the infinitive form of the verb "to eat"
Hom howm Slaggard slaggard, lazybones, etc.
Homdarva howm-daɹ-va 1st day of the week (of 6). Literally means "Slaggard's Day".
Hosai how-saj Decision a decision.
Hosaiiga how-saj-ɪga Decide the infinitive form of the verb "to decide".