956 lexemes

Lemma Pronunciation English Synonym Preferred Definition
Fair fa-iɹ an ending added to words for tools. The resulting word means the 'skill or art of using the tool'. For example, wäsudfair would mean "the art of sword-fighting".
Fal fal First the first.
Falhaval fal-hav-al Elves the firstborn. Elves.
Falnef fal-nɛf Before before.
Falwen fal-wɛn Child a child. First (as in early) woman.
Fan fan Finality finality, last, complete.
Fanal fan-al Last the last.
Fanalmar fan-al-maɹ a month of the year roughly corresponding to september (a fall month). Literally means "Final Fruit".
Fandarva fan-daɹ-va 6th day of the week (of 6). Literally means "Completion Day".
Fanfea fan-fi Death death.
Fanfeaiga fan-fi-ɪga Die. To die.
Fannef fan-nɛf After after.
Fanuryo fan-ɜːɹ-jow Brother of Banuryo, murdered by Oratwen to Voicar
Fea fi Spirit spirit, soul.
Fealar fi-laɹ the god of the dead and dying.
Fealen fi-lɛn Blackberry essentially the same as blackberries. The word means "spirit berry". According to legend, there is a variety that grows around a magical lake "Lin Ä Moi". If those berries were eaten a the fountain of dreams during a full moon, strange things are said to happen.
Feapel fi-pɛl Dream A dream.
Feapeliga fi-pɛl-ɪga Dream the infinitive form of the verb "to dream".
Feawen fi-wɛn the godess of dreams and visions.
Fein fɛ-ɪn Feeling feeling, emotion.
Feiniga fɛ-ɪn-ɪga Feel the infinitive form of the verb "to feel".
Fend fɛnd Mouth mouth.
Fifas fɪf-as Moss Moss
Fil fɪl Therefore therefore.
Fin fɪn Cousin A familial relative. Cousin.
Finai fɪn-aj Family Family.
Finaiwen fɪn-aj-wɛn goddess of family.
Finele fɪn-ɛl-ɛ Female cousin.
Finene fɪn-ɛn-ɛ Male cousin.
Firos fiɹ-ows the royal family of Rosirand's surname.
Firos, Kimed fiɹ-ows, kɪmɛd a king of Rosirand
Firos, Lusila fiɹ-ows, lʊsɪla daughter of Kimed Firos.
Fiva fɪ-va Wonder any wonder.
Fivaiga fɪ-va-ɪga Wonder the infinitive form of the verb "to wonder".
Foi fɔj Thought any thought.
Foiiga fɔj-ɪga Think To think.
Foitar fɔj-taɹ Conciousness a conciousness, a thinking being, a sentient, often implies a non-corporeal form or being.
Foitarai fɔj-taɹ-aj Sentients A word describing all sentient beings.
Fäth fɐɵ Feather Feather