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Lemma Pronunciation English Synonym Preferred Definition
Dag dag War war, conflict.
Dagaltar dag-al-taɹ Warrior soldier, warrior, etc.
Dagar dag-aɹ a maker of mirrors during the fifth reign of the Däan, living in Molheim city.
Dageagatiga dag-gi-gat-ɪga Conquer the infinitive form of "to conquer", old style. See Cemreafiga
Dagiga dag-ɪga Fight to fight, to battle, etc.
Dagil dag-ɪl Soldiery the skill of war, soldiery, fighting, etc.
Dagiltar dag-ɪl-taɹ Soldier warrior, soldier, fighter.
Dagorar dag-oʊɹ-aɹ the god of fire and war.
Daiga dɐ-ɪga Heat the infinitive form of the verb "to heat".
Daleath dal-iɵ Because because.
Daliga dal-ɪga Exist the infinitive form of the verb "to exist" or "to be".
Damiga dam-ɪga Do the infinitive form of the verb "to do".
Darios, Keleron daɹ-ɪ-ows, kɛl-əɹ-own son of Mendel Darios
Darios, Kelle daɹ-ɪ-ows, kɛl-lɛ daughter of Korolon Darios, hero of the first Goblin war of Darios, canonized.
Darios, Korolon daɹ-ɪ-ows, koʊɹ-ow-lown son of Darios Däan
Darios, Melira daɹ-ɪ-ows, mɛl-iɹa daughter of Mendel Darios.
Darios, Mendel daɹ-ɪ-ows, mɛn-dɛl darios Däan's son. 2nd Arch-Duke of Darios.
Darios, Morrolan daɹ-ɪ-ows, moʊɹ-ɹow-lan son of Mendel Darios.
Darios, Scira daɹ-ɪ-ows, stʃiɹ-a daughter of Shorora and Korolon Däan. Heroine of 2nd Goblin War. Note: her name actually was pronounced closer to "Shira" but in Taraitola it comes out "Scira".
Darva daɹ-va Day day, as in one revolution of the planet, it does NOT refer to day vs. night.
Dat dat Scribe a scribe, sometimes a scholar, or writer.
Datiga dat-ɪga Scribe the infinitive form of the verb "to scribe" or "to write".
Davon, Salta dav-own, sal-ta hero of the 2nd Goblin War, husband of Scira...
Dea di Honesty the truth.
Deaer di-əɹ goddess of honesty
Deas dis Herbalism the art of growing and collecting herbs or one who does so, herbalism or herbalist. Formal Taritolla would refer to the herbalist as Deisstar
Deasil di-sɪl Virtue virtue
Deastar dis-taɹ Herbalist herbalist. See also "deiss".
Del dɛl Hello hello, hi, etc.
Deliga dɛl-ɪga Greet the infinitive form of the verb "to greet".
Dellu dɛl-lʊ Greetings! greetings! Salutations! Note: in the later millenia, the double-l pair merged, making one 'l'.
Dep dɛp Interjection an interjection, a word that is used as an interjection.
Depiga dɛp-ɪga Interject the infinitive form of the verb "to interject".
Diksa dɪk-sa Forgiveness forgiveness, state of forgiving.
Diksiga dɪk-sa-ɪga Forgive the infinitive form of the verb "to forgive".
Diran, Kormir diɹ-an, koʊɹ-miɹ archduke. Ärela Däan's husband.
Doa dow-a Zero the cardinal number zero (0).
Doafa dow-a-fa Zeroth the ordinal of the number zero (zeroth).
Don down Understanding Understanding.
Doniga down-ɪga Understand To understand
Dor doʊɹ Land land. Usually used in the context of large bodies of land, or large areas. For example, "the land of the elves" might be called Taridor.
Doraitar doʊɹ-aj-taɹ Landowner landowner.
Doramal doʊɹ-ɐm-al Different different.
Dorhaltarai doʊɹ-hal-taɹ-aj Dwarves, Land surface dwelling dwarves.
Dorlith doʊɹlɪɵ Cache Cache, Hoard, vault, etc.
Dorlithiga doʊɹ-lɪɵ-ɪga Hoard the infinitive form of "to hoard/save"
Dortarai doʊɹ-taɹ-aj Elves, Land surface dwelling elves, in particular "barbaric" elves.
Doräm doʊɹ-ɐm Difference difference, different, the state of being different.
Doräm, Mareaele doʊɹ-ɐm, maɹ-i-ɛl-ɛ Marik Däan's wife.
Duk dʊk Sight sight or the state of seeing.
Dukiga dʊk-ɪga See the infinitive form of the verb 'to see'.
Dul dʊl Conjugation conjugation.
Duliga dʊl-ɪga Conjugate the infinitive form of the verb "to conjugate".
Heat heat as from the sun.
Däal dɐ-al Hot hot, as in a hot stove, a hot fudge sundae.
Däalval dɐ-al-val
Däan dɐ-an the imperial family name. Literally means "Heat Eternal".
Däan, Darios dɐ-an, daɹ-ɪ-ows first arch-duke of the grand duchy of Darios.
Däan, Diriol dɐ-an, diɹ-ɪ-owl the fifth emperor of the Molheim Empire
Däan, Jor dɐ-an, dʒoʊɹ the first true emperor of Molheim.
Däan, Kel dɐ-an, kɛl hero of the Goblin Wars. Later Canonized (St. Kel). Daughter of Kelos Däan (by Jenifax).
Däan, Kelos dɐ-an, kɛl-ows son of Marik Däan
Däan, Keräm dɐ-an, kəɹ-ɐm the fourth emperor of Molheim.
Däan, Kirele dɐ-an, kiɹ-ɛ-lɛ Keräm Däan's daughter.
Däan, Kirol dɐ-an, kiɹ-owl son of Korolon Däan by Jenifax.
Däan, Kuril dɐ-an, kʊ-ɹɪl Jor Däan's father. King of Molheim. "The Conqueror".
Däan, Lirok dɐ-an, liɹ-owk son of Loram Däan
Däan, Lorealis dɐ-an, loʊɹi-lɪs 7th emperor of Molheim (Empress).
Däan, Loräm dɐ-an, loʊɹ-ɐm the sixth emperor of Molheim.
Däan, Marik dɐ-an, ma-ɹɪk 2nd Emperor of Molheim.
Däan, Menela dɐ-an, mɛn-ɛl-a Marik Däan's Daughter.
Däan, Moril dɐ-an, moʊɹ-ɪl 3rd Emperor of Molheim.
Däan, Ärela dɐ-an, ɐ-ɹɛ-la emperor Jor Däan's daughter. See "Jor Däan".
Däya dɐ-ja Fire fire as in flames and smoke.